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International Harvester 2400 Parts  ~ Gas

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Sold All   Air Cleaner  (Complete)    
Sold All 397949R3 Camshaft $75.00  
Have 2 367240R1 Camshaft Gear $50.00 54T
Have 1 TSX857 Carburetor $85.00  
  375595R11 Connecting Rod (each) $75.00  
Sold All 405863R91 Crankshaft $275.00  
Have 1 367272R1 Crankshaft Gear $55.00  
Sold All 398048R1 Crankshaft Pulley $60.00  
Sold All 398065R22 Cylinder Head $300.00  
Have 1 398067R1 Cylinder Head Cover $20.00  
Sold All 1112477 Distributor $140.00  
  405866R1 Engine Plate Rear $75.00  
Have 1 400339R Front Cover $50.00 crate
Sold All 404769R91 Fuel Pump $60.00  
0 372708R93 Governor Asy $95.00  
  398032R1 Idler Gear $70.00  
Sold All 406046R1 Manifold Exhaust & Intake $90.00  
Sold All 398075R1 Oil Filter Base $25.00  
Have 1 405857R Oil Pan $250.00 pic on oil pan page
Have 1 398073R Oil Pump $100.00  
Sold All 528805R21 Piston Asy $125.00  
  164436R91 Push Rod $10.00  
Sold All   Rocker Arm Asy $55.00  
  86897R91 Fan Blade $25.00  
Sold All 402186R1 Radiator $185.00  
Sold All 400677R92 Water Pump $60.00  
Sold All 537097R94 Clutch Housing $450.00  
Sold All 530805R3 Clutch Pedal $40.00  
Sold All 405860R11 Flywheel $265.00  
Sold All 399455R93 Shift Cam Asy $70.00 ots  684, 784
Sold All 401697R91 Shift Fork $60.00  
Have 1 401695R Shift Fork 1st & 2nd $50.00  
Sold All 399848R51 Transmission Case $460.00  
Sold All   Transmission Complete $650.00  
Sold All 544708r92 Hydraulic Pump $350.00  
  5272259R91 Draft Sensing Spring $90.00  
  40000aR1 Hydraulic Control Valve $150.00  
Sold All 528644R1 Hydraulic Side Mount Adapter $240.00  
Have 1 57714C93 Hydraulic Valve Asy $395.00  
Have 1 544499r Hydraulic Tube $40.00 crate
    Lift Arm Asy Right $110.00  
Sold All   Lift Link Adjustable $110.00  
  402648R1 Lower Lift Link $90.00  
  4000r9R2 Rockshaft $100.00  
  399885R11 Rockshaft Cylinder $100.00  
  399886R1 Rockshaft Piston $90.00  
  399893R91 Rockshaft Valve $175.00  
  406003R22 Rockshaft Housing $300.00  
  539161R92 Front Axle Center $300.00  
  66716C92 Front End Extension $100.00  
  405582R3 Front End Support $600.00  
  534288R91 Front Spindle $85.00  
Sold All   Steering Box    
Sold All 70110C94 Steering Asy (Servo Valve) $340.00  
Sold All 549667R91 Steering Cylinder $265.00  
    Steering Support $75.00  
    Steering Arm $95.00  
Sold All 529650R1 Counter Shaft Bevel & Pinion $335.00  
Sold All   Differential Case w/Ring & Pionion $500.00  
Sold All 527874R3 Differential Lock Fork $65.00  
Sold All 527871R1 Differential Shaft $55.00  
Sold All 533196R1 Draw Bar $80.00  
Sold All 403029R11 Draw Bar Frame $140.00  
Sold All 406468R11 Draw Bar Support $115.00  
Sold All   Planetary Carrier Asy $200.00  
Sold All 404337R1 Planetary Shift Coupler $200.00  
Sold All 535316R1 Rear Axle Gear $210.00  
Sold All 399758R1 Rear Axle Housing LH $260.00  
Sold All 404340R13 Rear Axle Shaft $235.00  
Sold All   PTO Shaft $70.00  
Sold All   PTO Gear $100.00  
Sold All   Alternator    
Sold All   Generator    
Have 1 1108394 Starter $50.00  
Sold All   Tachometer    
  399734R1 Brake Disc $50.00  
  399828R1 Brake Drum $50.00  
Sold All 399741R2 Brake Pedal $50.00  
  402005R3 Brake Pedal $40.00  
  401992R3 Brake Plate $45.00  
Sold All 527542R92 Brake Valve Complete $100.00  
  530374R1 Brake Valve Equalizer $100.00  
  399737R1 Brake Piston $100.00  
    Brake Cylinder $60.00  

Hydraulic Tube ~ 544499r $40.00

Timing Cover ~ 400339r1 ~ $50.00

Please contact us if you are interested in a specific tractor part  even if it is not listed.  Whenever possible Original or Manufacturer's Part Numbers are used. Satisfaction is guaranteed on most parts for up to 90 days, this does not include freight.  The warranty does not cover original manufacturer warranty. Prices subject to change without notice.