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International Harvester  W450 Parts


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QOH Part #


Used Price  
1 48196DBX Camshaft $35.00 Super M
1 354955R31 Crankcase Cover $25.00

1 6765D Crankshaft Pulley $30.00

1 352079R1 Distributor Drive Shaft $25.00 farmall m also
1 46689DE Oil Filter Asy $25.00 Super m
1 359895R Clutch Carrier (Torque Amp) $25.00  
1 361281R12 Planet Carrier Asy (Torque Amp) $100.00 F350 also
1 360215R Pressure Plate (Torque Amp) $25.00  
1 363177R91 Spindle Asy $75.00
1 357031R1 Bull Pinion & Brake $55.00 farmall m
1 363224R Rear Axle Shaft $145.00  
1 368765R Starter $50.00  
International Harvester w-450

Steering Arm  RH 363277r1  $75.00

International Harvester w-450

Steering Arm LH 363270r1 $75.00

International Harvester w-450

Spindle 363177r91  $75.00

International Harvester w-450

Dog Legs LH 361345r21 $40.00

RH 361346r21 $40.00

International Harvester w-450

Idler Shaft 358880r1 $45.00 17t x 17t

International Harvester w-450

PTO Driven Gear 360467r1 $150.00

International Harvester w-450

2nd & 3rd Sliding Gear 358865r1 $25.00

(2 chipped teeth)

International Harvester w450 Rim Clamp

307949r1  $10.00

International Harvester w450 Crankshaft Pulley

6765d  $30.00


Please contact us if you are interested in a specific tractor part  even if it is not listed.  Whenever possible Original or Manufacturer's Part Numbers are used. Satisfaction is guaranteed on most parts for up to 90 days, this does not include freight.  The warranty does not cover original manufacturer warranty. Prices subject to change without notice.